Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo's Round Two

Well just been working through my photos, here is the next lot of the 6mm:

These are one of the building sets from Timecast of the Baccus website, excellent models easy to paint.



The Church:


A Side on Shot:


Next we have some homemade trees:




Finally can't leave out the whitecoats:


Monday, September 28, 2009

First Photos

I will have to break this down over a few nights, but here is the first lot of photos. Better start with the 6mm i guess:

What force could that be I wonder:


Closer up shot of the painted French:





And finally some Artillery:


So thats the start of many photos to come.

Cheers for looking


Well this year saw the Taupo Grenadiers host the Annual Napoleonics Event in Taupo NZ on the 11th-13th September.I decided to put my hand up to organise this event, and I enjoyed every bit of it. So what did we have on show:

6mm Napoleonics
15mm Napoleonics
28mm Napoleonics
Napoleonic Naval (1:1200)

The rules we used were for the 15mm were an addaptation of In the Grand Manner as well as General de Brigade.I floated between running the 15mm guys, and the 6mm.

We ran a semi-fictional campaign (Just ran out of time to write up the fluff). Points were awarded for:

Battalions in Retreat (As soon as it recieves a retreat order)
Battalions in Rout
Brigades Broken
Generals Lost
Secondary Objectives

Players were also awarded points individually for Victory / Loss in a game, votes for painted army, votes for best oponent, and most napoleonic.

Before I start to post the photos, just a couple of thanks:

Nic and the team @ Eureka Miniatures for there ongoing support from year to year
Craig @ littlmenbigbattles for supporting the event
Steve @ Taupo Hobbies also supporting the event
Ken & Richard @ Battlezone also for supporting the event.

But the event could not have gone ahead without the support of the gamers.It will take me a while to upload the photos, so I will do this over a series of posts

Thanks for looking

Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well its been a couple of busy weeks, not only at home but at work hence the lack of updates.

Well it's almost NAPCON 2009, and still a lot to do. Organised all of the guys (well hopefully) still a little bit of planning to go into the 15mm Naps games.

As for the tree's I have had a lot of fun doing these, and have turned out well. I produced around 30 to start with and Craig is busy basing these up ready for the weekend.

Terrain on the 6mm Table is going to be a little limited, but as time progresses this will grow.

The main thing is we need to start gaming with the figures now. Should be looking at running the game on a 4ft x 4ft table to start with, and should have around 12-14 French Infantry, 4 Cavalry, 6-8 guns vs 12-14 Austrian Infantry, 2 Cavalry and 4-8 guns.

Got my hands on the new Companion book from Baccus, very nice book. Also managed to pick up a cheap copy of Sam Mustafa's OOP Grande Armee.

I will be posting photos from NAPCON after the event, will break it over several days. These should be online around the 15th September. I will make sure that I get some decent lit photos of the French and Austrians as well.

Here's what we have at the event this year

15mm Napoleonics (Main group)
28mm Napoleonics (2 groups)
Napoleonic Ships
6mm Napoleonics (wait thats us)

Also will have to post a photo tuturial for the tree's at some point.

Well best get back to working out the finer points of the weekend