Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Painting Service Launched

Hi Everyone,

The blog has finally been re-named and re-designed (well slightly).  I am happy to annouce that I will also now be accepting painting commisions.

If you are interested in getting someone to paint those miniatures for you please contact me, I will paint and ship internationally.  I specialise in 6-15mm  To give you a bit of a background.  I have been wargaming and painting since 1993.  It was in the last few years that I really started to develop my painting techniques.

I have won a couple of best painted awards and had a few highly commended.  To name a couple I claimed best painted:

1st Official Battlefront GT - NZ - 15mm German Grenadiers
2008 - Best Painted Napoleonic Army - NZ - 15/18mm Peninsular British

Highly Commended:

Panzerscheck (Previous year before 1st Offical BF GT) - 15mm German Grenadiers
2009 - Second place - 6mm Napoleonic French (Up against 28mm Napoleonics, Napoleonic Ships)

I do not attend too many events, but each event I attended into a competition the above awards we given.

If you have any questions please contact me, painting rates are on a request.


Russell Woodland (Angel's Miniature Painting Service)

Off the Grid....

Well, I seem to have fallen off the update grid for quite some time. As with all wargamers I have had a bit of break, and with home life taking over for a while I have now come back online.

I have managed to complete those PT boats, they actually were part of a commision and of course I forgot to take photos. Now that was my idiot moment.

I do still have some work to do on the kits, but with a quick chat with Mark I have decided to take a month off his stuff and concentrate on a bit of my stuff. He was more than happy with the work.

You see with commision work, I am not a full time painter and only paint in my spare time (and Mark is one of my mates). I like to make sure that I paint them to the standard that I would be happy with owing myself. On a professional note, I do serious commisions and my turn around is pretty quick. If I am set a deadline, or I give a deadline it is one that I won't miss.

Right back to painting



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Been a while

Well I have been off the blog for a while, mainly due to other commitments ect. What have I been up to latley.

Well Painted the first of the PT boats, which consists of 6 German S-38's, 1 German S-30, 2 Raumboote and a Rescue boat. They came up better than I thought they would. Will try and snap some photos soon.

I am currently working on the British fleet, starting today I hope to have them painted by the end of the week.

Then I will move onto the Japs, USA & Merchants.

I recently parted with my 6mm Napoleonic French and in place I purchased:

1 x War of Spanish Succession Starter Box
1 x British/Saxon Foot Booster
1 x Standard Foot Booster
1 x Bavarian Army Pack
1 x Dutch Army Pack
1 x Pack of Battalion Guns
1 x Pack of Horse
1 x Pack of Short Mitre

The War of Spanish Succession is an interesting period that I have been reading about for the last few weeks, and certainly a colorful period.

The rules I will be using is Might & Reason by Sam Mustafa, with the addition of Sun King by Greg Savvinos

This should give me for each side about:

13 Infantry Brigades
6-8 Horse Regiments
4 Dragoon Regiments
2 Bases of Artillery
8 Stands of Generals

Each Brigade/Regiment is 2 stands strong. Infantry will be based on a 60*30 base with 24 figs per base at the moment, I may increase to 32/36 figs possibly, Horse will be 9-12 figs per base, Artillery on a 60*60. CinC on a 40*40 and sub-commanders on a 30*30.

The main rule set is based on the Seven Years War & War of Austrian Succession, but the supplement from Greg allows you to play the battles of the Spanish Succession.

This make's it easy to build an army fast, as you can either build to the points list or write a scenario.

So this will be interesting to get into once I have finished the PT boats. But between finishing the boats, I will be once again going off to Nicon (North Island Con) here in NZ over Queen's B'day weekend (5th June) to play some 1st Volley 15mm Napoleonic rules.

Should be a good weekend.

Well thats what I have been up to of late, will try to get back on track with the blog

Monday, April 19, 2010

PT Boats

Well recently purchased some PT boats of PT Dockyards. So I started to assemble/clean them today. 45 Boats, I must admidt I was sceptical about 1/600 PT boats. But after recieving fantastic service of Dave at PT, not to mention speedy postal work my worries faded away.

A warning though about cleaning the guns. Make sure you use a sharp knife, steady hand and have a bit of patience as I found that the guns are well cast but a small slip will see a barrel disappear.

So with all of the boats now cleaned up, will start to assemble them tomorrow. The boats probably wont make it onto the blog, well at least for some time.

With a lot of projects on the run, we will see what comes up next.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Offline for a bit

Well I do appologise for my absence, I took a 5 day break over the Easter Weekend and have been busy with work.

All that I have managed to do is pick up a copy of Pathfinder RPG & Beastiary.

Now as there is bound to be some people that will take a dig at Pathfinder, and I would like to ask all visitors to leave the AD&D4th ED is better than Pathfinder ect at the Door.

To give you a little bit of background, the last time I played D&D / AD&D would be about 15 years ago. So when looking into it now that I have "grown" up a little I read the pro's and con's of both systems.

I do not know what drew me more to Pathfinder, guess it was the price difference of Pathfinder with the Beastiary book compaired with the AD&D 4th ED stuff, at the end of the day they will probably cost me just as much.

So after not playing for well over 15 years, I start my adventure fresh. Well when the books arrive.

I will be adding the adventures, purchases to the blog as I get into it. Always wanted to be a DM. Now I just need to find some other keen players.

At present just myself and Craig, so three other players and were away.

Will even throw Dark Heresy in there at some point as well.

Well bit busy this weekend, so will plan on an update on Monday

Saturday, March 20, 2010

So where to from here

Well I finally finished those fences off, it took a while but I got there in the end. So with them done where to from here....

Well to go with the fences, I need some troops. I have been researching a lot lately on the American Civil War, and with that in mind I purchased some Baccus 6mm figs.

At a 1:10 ratio I have sorted out The "Stonewall" Brigade, these are going to be based on two game systems.

The first is Guns at Gettysburg by Dave Brown, a very similar system to General de Brigade (Well it's pretty much the same)

The second rule set, Piquet and using the supplement Hallow Ground.

Now a question that is asked on a regular basis is what shade of grey, or what paint should I use for the grey. Now the short answer that I have found is well, there was that much variance it doesn't matter.

From a lot of reading that I have done, the Confederate uniform started off as shades of blue, and faded to grey, now please feel free to correct me on this as I am still learning.

Over the coming few weeks, I will be starting to paint the Confederates and I will be bringing you along on the journey, in the hope that you can learn from what I have done and be able to apply to your own miniatures.

An old classic

I recently acquired an old classic board game of trade me. 1974 copy of Avalon Hill's Panzer Leader.

Now to say the least, it is definitely a used copy but for only $12.50 NZD including shipping it was a bargain.

After looking at the counters and the maps, I decided something needed to be done about the state of them, as most had water damage and definetly had that musky smell to them.

I recently stumbled upon a website which has re-done the counters and are available for free.

So with a craft knife, ruler, artists mounting card, spray glue and the tokens printed off in colour I have set to making a new set of counters, I will in time be replacing the maps with the updated maps.

This will be a longer term project and the counters and maps will be done when cost and time permits.

I have already printed off the German ones and mounted them. I am in the process of cutting them up today. Will post some photos of the old ones, and the replacements.