Friday, July 17, 2009

Back in Action

Well its been a busy couple of weeks and painting was pushed aside while I caught up. So where am I at now

As before I am now on 19 French Infantry bases, and over the last two nights saw me paint a stand of Cavalry. The 9th Hussars to be precise.

These I must say are an absolute joy to paint, once i worked out the locations for the colours it took me a matter of a couple of hours to work through the first 18 Hussars.

Will look at getting some pics posted on Monday (here's hoping for a sunny day)

Next on the table is some Chassuers from the II Corps. Also been reading some Osprey campaign books. The battle of Dresden is looking interesting.

I need an excuse (well I don't actually) to buy some more 6mm. Less than 3 years to build towards that project.

At the speed that the Cavalry is taking should have the first 6 bases of Cavalry (1 Hussar, 1 Chassuers, 2 Dragoons, 2 Cuirassiers) done by the end of next week.

So where is the project actually at:


II & III Corps Infantry
II Corps Hussars

Still to paint:

II Corps Chassuers
III Corps Portuguese, Hussars and Chassuers
Attached to III Corps - Dragoons
Imperial Guard Corps
IV Corps

Well that's a lot to do in less than 2 months. What can I say I am a sucker for Punishment.

Watch this space, could be a close finish.

And for September have been thinking about the battle of Aspern-Essling. As this is smaller should be able to complete this in time.

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