Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well time flies (Has it been that long)

Hey Guys,

Well been very busy with home life and a painting contract, which seems to have taken me the better part of 4 weeks, hence the poor updates. This I appologise for.

Just adding the final touches to the 28mm Perry Naps, will be sure to take a couple of snaps and put them up on the blog.

Well where to frome here. This blog started as a napoleonic blog, and it will slowly progress into other periods.

What do I have in my collection you ask:

28mm Modern 1980's Cold War Era Soviets & Germans.
20mm WWII
6mm ACW

and recently just added some 1/3000 WWI to my collection.

So plenty of troops to paint, and keep you guys happy.

Once this last fig is out of the way, will look at what to start next, but I think that It will be between the ACW and Naval.

Well better go and finish this last model for the commision

Monday, October 5, 2009

NAPCON 2009 - Photos continued

Well its time to add some more photos of the other guys models that were there over the weekend. First up we have some Napoleonic Ships:




A nice set of terrain used in the ships game:



A few more of the excellent Napoleonic Ships:




And just a couple more:




Well thats it for todays uploads, stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo's Round Two

Well just been working through my photos, here is the next lot of the 6mm:

These are one of the building sets from Timecast of the Baccus website, excellent models easy to paint.



The Church:


A Side on Shot:


Next we have some homemade trees:




Finally can't leave out the whitecoats:


Monday, September 28, 2009

First Photos

I will have to break this down over a few nights, but here is the first lot of photos. Better start with the 6mm i guess:

What force could that be I wonder:


Closer up shot of the painted French:





And finally some Artillery:


So thats the start of many photos to come.

Cheers for looking


Well this year saw the Taupo Grenadiers host the Annual Napoleonics Event in Taupo NZ on the 11th-13th September.I decided to put my hand up to organise this event, and I enjoyed every bit of it. So what did we have on show:

6mm Napoleonics
15mm Napoleonics
28mm Napoleonics
Napoleonic Naval (1:1200)

The rules we used were for the 15mm were an addaptation of In the Grand Manner as well as General de Brigade.I floated between running the 15mm guys, and the 6mm.

We ran a semi-fictional campaign (Just ran out of time to write up the fluff). Points were awarded for:

Battalions in Retreat (As soon as it recieves a retreat order)
Battalions in Rout
Brigades Broken
Generals Lost
Secondary Objectives

Players were also awarded points individually for Victory / Loss in a game, votes for painted army, votes for best oponent, and most napoleonic.

Before I start to post the photos, just a couple of thanks:

Nic and the team @ Eureka Miniatures for there ongoing support from year to year
Craig @ littlmenbigbattles for supporting the event
Steve @ Taupo Hobbies also supporting the event
Ken & Richard @ Battlezone also for supporting the event.

But the event could not have gone ahead without the support of the gamers.It will take me a while to upload the photos, so I will do this over a series of posts

Thanks for looking

Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well its been a couple of busy weeks, not only at home but at work hence the lack of updates.

Well it's almost NAPCON 2009, and still a lot to do. Organised all of the guys (well hopefully) still a little bit of planning to go into the 15mm Naps games.

As for the tree's I have had a lot of fun doing these, and have turned out well. I produced around 30 to start with and Craig is busy basing these up ready for the weekend.

Terrain on the 6mm Table is going to be a little limited, but as time progresses this will grow.

The main thing is we need to start gaming with the figures now. Should be looking at running the game on a 4ft x 4ft table to start with, and should have around 12-14 French Infantry, 4 Cavalry, 6-8 guns vs 12-14 Austrian Infantry, 2 Cavalry and 4-8 guns.

Got my hands on the new Companion book from Baccus, very nice book. Also managed to pick up a cheap copy of Sam Mustafa's OOP Grande Armee.

I will be posting photos from NAPCON after the event, will break it over several days. These should be online around the 15th September. I will make sure that I get some decent lit photos of the French and Austrians as well.

Here's what we have at the event this year

15mm Napoleonics (Main group)
28mm Napoleonics (2 groups)
Napoleonic Ships
6mm Napoleonics (wait thats us)

Also will have to post a photo tuturial for the tree's at some point.

Well best get back to working out the finer points of the weekend

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well now that I have most of the 6mm painted (for now) its time for some terrain, so what better place to start than with tree's.

After watching a u-tube video and reading Sven's tutorial on how to make tree's I thought that I would give it a crack.

1st results are not bad, and reasonably happy with the result. So in the coming week (as time permits) I will be placing photos of my progress on the blog.

The goal before NAPCON is to knock out a hundred trees before then and have them based up.

Just stared to prep for the construction phase. So first thing is to cut a lot of florist wire into random lengths, and follow up by folding them in half.

Well watch out for some photos in the coming days of the prep, and construction.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back

Well its been a funny ol couple of weeks. I have been painting, but not my own troops. Got stuck into some Austrians to help a mate out. 9 Battalions of Infantry (188 figs) and a unit of Hussars later just about ready to get back into it.

18 Austrian Hussars to go, and back onto the task.

So where does that put me, well I now have a fighting force to be able to put onto the table top. I have the following:

19 Infantry Stands
6 Cavalry Stands
8 Artillery Stands
5 Generals
1 CinC

I have decided to break the Infantry down into 3 groups with 2 Cavalry attached to each, and split the Artilery between each group.

The plan is to put this force onto a 4ft x 4ft board at the moment. Speaking of which I went out and got some 9mm MDF boards cut into the following:

2x 3ft x 2 ft boards
2x 1ft x 2ft boards

I am in the process of making a portable gaming board, just have to think about how to do this. So keep an eye on this one.

To add to the above I will get another 2 boards and when all four are put together will give me a 6ft x 4ft table which can be taken anywhere (well just about)

Well thats it for now, busy planning for NAPCON in September so painting may take a hit, I will get some more photos posted of the force at some point soon

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hussars, Chasseurs & Artillery

Well starting to get there now. Below are a few photos of the Cavalry recently finished as well as the re-based guns.

The Generals are on the painting table at the moment. At least when I get some Generals done I can start gaming with the force.

So what have I painted so far:

850+ Infantry
104 Cavalry
8 Artillery pieces and Limbers
24 Generals

This project started back in late May.

After the Generals are done I have:

2 Stands of Cuirassiers
2 Stands of Hussars
2 Stands of Chasseurs
4 Stands of Imperial Guard
2 Stands of Guard Cavarly
4 Stands of Guard Artillery

So without any more waiting here are the Dragoons:


Next Chasseurs:




And Finally some Artillery & Limbers:


Friday, July 24, 2009

Moving along

Managed to finish 36 Dragoons. Moving onto painting some Horses and Limbers, plus the other 16 crew and 4 guns.

I have decided to base up those along with the 4 stands of Cavalry next.

So once i have that done it will put me on:

19 bases of infantry
4 bases of Cavalry
8 Guns and Limbers

Then onto some Generals.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Photos

Well, how time has passed by. I promised photo's so here is some more.

First all of the Infantry and artillery painted so far. Photo taken at the local Hobby Expo:





Now for the close ups and other shots taken tonight:





Close ups of some Artillery:



Now for the latest addition, first some Chassuers a Cheval (Sorry not based up yet)




Next some Hussars:





Well thats what I have been painting for the last 8 or so weeks. Still plenty more to paint so expect more photos to follow later on

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well the weekend went fast, but I did manage to get a stand of Chassuers done. Next on the table are two stands of Dragoons.

So two stands of Cavalry done, just need basing but going to leave this until I have all of the Cavalry painted (4 stands to go)

Well getting closer to playing a game, just need to get some terrain painted up oh and actually build a table as well.

So all in all progressing along well. Will attempt to get more photos up tomorrow.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back in Action

Well its been a busy couple of weeks and painting was pushed aside while I caught up. So where am I at now

As before I am now on 19 French Infantry bases, and over the last two nights saw me paint a stand of Cavalry. The 9th Hussars to be precise.

These I must say are an absolute joy to paint, once i worked out the locations for the colours it took me a matter of a couple of hours to work through the first 18 Hussars.

Will look at getting some pics posted on Monday (here's hoping for a sunny day)

Next on the table is some Chassuers from the II Corps. Also been reading some Osprey campaign books. The battle of Dresden is looking interesting.

I need an excuse (well I don't actually) to buy some more 6mm. Less than 3 years to build towards that project.

At the speed that the Cavalry is taking should have the first 6 bases of Cavalry (1 Hussar, 1 Chassuers, 2 Dragoons, 2 Cuirassiers) done by the end of next week.

So where is the project actually at:


II & III Corps Infantry
II Corps Hussars

Still to paint:

II Corps Chassuers
III Corps Portuguese, Hussars and Chassuers
Attached to III Corps - Dragoons
Imperial Guard Corps
IV Corps

Well that's a lot to do in less than 2 months. What can I say I am a sucker for Punishment.

Watch this space, could be a close finish.

And for September have been thinking about the battle of Aspern-Essling. As this is smaller should be able to complete this in time.

Monday, July 6, 2009

6 More down....

Well managed to finish another 6 bases of Infantry. Just have to base them up during the week.

Next on the painting table will be some Cavalry. Time to go get a second lamp

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting there

Well managed to catchup a little this week. Just about finished the 6 stands of Infantry. (about 232 figs)

Just got to paint the Pom Poms, metalics, mount the flags and base them. To finish off the bases will be painting another 24 Skirmishers before applying the sand and grass.

Aiming to have these bases finished by the local Hobby Expo next weekend, and will be pushing to have some Cavalry and Generals done.

As soon as I have the chance will get some more photos up

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where Am I

Well the work trip went well but painting took a hit. last week got nothing painted.

Plans for September are coming along well. I started on another 6 bases of Infantry. This will be the last push on the Infantry for now.

This will put me on 19 bases of Ligne / Legere.

So here is what I am aiming for at the moment, this is at the ratio of 1 stand = Brigade, Cavalry is bases on groupings so a base for the Hussars seperate to the Chassuers a Cheval:


1st Guard Infantry Division: GdD Curial
Infantry Brigade: Rouget (Young Guard)
Infantry Brigade: Rouget (Young Guard)

2nd Guard Infantry Division: GdD Dorsenne
Infantry Brigade: Dorsenne (Old Guard) - 2 Stands

Guard Cavalry Division: GdD Walther
Guard Light Cavalry Brigade
Polish Guard Chevauxlegeres
Guard Chasseurs-a-Cheval

Guard Heavy Cavalry Brigade
Empress Dragoons
Guard Grenadiers-a-Cheval
Gendarmes d'Elite

Guard Artillery: GdD Lauriston
Guard Horse Artillery: Col. d'Aboville
6pdr Horse Battery (Old Guard)
6pdr Horse Battery (Young Guard)

Guard Foot Artillery
8pdr Foot Battery (Young Guard)

II ARMY CORPS Commander: GdD Oudinot

Light Cavalry Brigade: GdB Colbert
9th Hussars

7th Chasseurs-a-Cheval
20th Chasseurs-a-Cheval

1st Infantry Division: GdD Tharreau
Infantry Brigade: GdB Conroux
Infantry Brigade: GdB Albert
Infantry Brigade: GdB Jarry

8pdr Foot Battery

2nd Infantry Division: GdD Claparede
Infantry Brigade: GdB Coehorn
Infantry Brigade: GdB Razout
Infantry Brigade: GdB Ficatier

8pdr Foot Battery

3rd Infantry Division: GdD Grandjean
Infantry Brigade: GdB Marion
Infantry Brigade: GdB Lorencez
Infantry Brigade: GdB Brun

8pdr Foot Battery

Portuguese Legion: GdB Logo
Portuguese Infantry
Portuguese Cavalry

III ARMY CORPS Commander: MdE Davout

Light Cavalry Brigade: GdB Pajol
5th Hussars

11th Chasseurs-a-Cheval
12th Chasseurs-a-Cheval

1st Infantry Division: GdD Morand
Infantry Brigade: GdB Lacour
Infantry Brigade: GdB l'Hullier

8pdr Foot Battery

2nd Infantry Division: GdD Friant
Infantry Brigade: GdB Gilly
Infantry Brigade: GdB Barbanegre
Infantry Brigade: GdB Grandeau

8pdr Foot Battery

3rd Infantry Division: GdD Gudin
Infantry Brigade: GdB Leclerc
Infantry Brigade: GdB Boyer
Infantry Brigade: GdB Dupellin

Artillery 8pdr Foot Battery

4th Infantry Division: GdD Puthod
Infantry Brigade: GdB Girard
Infantry Brigade: GdB Desailly

Artillery: Hanicque
4pdr Foot Battery
4pdr Horse Battery

So thats the plan for the list, I probably will add Massena's IV corps at some point before then.

Right well thats the list, I better get cracking..............

Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 more down

Well finished another 5 bases of troops over the weekend, so this now puts me on:

3 Bases of Legere
10 Bases of Ligne
4 Bases of Guns

Made a decision not to rebase the 4 guns I have, and paint up and base the Limbers seperate and mount on a 30 x 60.

On the table next is another 2 units of Legere, but away on a work trip so won't be back until Thursday. Should be looking at more photos at the end of the week.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Last night I applied the wash to the 5 bases last night and the basecoat colour onto the bases before heading to work. Should have these finished tonight.

Next task will look at placing the stands into Divisions. Still need some more Legere painted, so that will be next.

Then will look at following up with some Cavalry, generals and Artillery to round out the two Corps.

First Photos of the troops

Firstly my appologies for the quality of these photos as at the moment I am not setup properly to take decent photos as I only have a single light source and I know I should have two, the joys of a limited budget.

Anyway the before photo:


Now thats only a portion of what I have undercoated, now some of the bases that are finished:


Missing in the photo is 1 base of artillery (To be rebased later)
Some close ups:


Well thats all the photos for now, on the workbench at the moment I have 3 bases of Legere and two of Ligne. All painted and just working on the bases at the moment.

This will put me on 13 painted bases, plus 4 artillery. Plans are to move onto some cavalry, rebase and paint the limbers, and some generals.