Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where Am I

Well the work trip went well but painting took a hit. last week got nothing painted.

Plans for September are coming along well. I started on another 6 bases of Infantry. This will be the last push on the Infantry for now.

This will put me on 19 bases of Ligne / Legere.

So here is what I am aiming for at the moment, this is at the ratio of 1 stand = Brigade, Cavalry is bases on groupings so a base for the Hussars seperate to the Chassuers a Cheval:


1st Guard Infantry Division: GdD Curial
Infantry Brigade: Rouget (Young Guard)
Infantry Brigade: Rouget (Young Guard)

2nd Guard Infantry Division: GdD Dorsenne
Infantry Brigade: Dorsenne (Old Guard) - 2 Stands

Guard Cavalry Division: GdD Walther
Guard Light Cavalry Brigade
Polish Guard Chevauxlegeres
Guard Chasseurs-a-Cheval

Guard Heavy Cavalry Brigade
Empress Dragoons
Guard Grenadiers-a-Cheval
Gendarmes d'Elite

Guard Artillery: GdD Lauriston
Guard Horse Artillery: Col. d'Aboville
6pdr Horse Battery (Old Guard)
6pdr Horse Battery (Young Guard)

Guard Foot Artillery
8pdr Foot Battery (Young Guard)

II ARMY CORPS Commander: GdD Oudinot

Light Cavalry Brigade: GdB Colbert
9th Hussars

7th Chasseurs-a-Cheval
20th Chasseurs-a-Cheval

1st Infantry Division: GdD Tharreau
Infantry Brigade: GdB Conroux
Infantry Brigade: GdB Albert
Infantry Brigade: GdB Jarry

8pdr Foot Battery

2nd Infantry Division: GdD Claparede
Infantry Brigade: GdB Coehorn
Infantry Brigade: GdB Razout
Infantry Brigade: GdB Ficatier

8pdr Foot Battery

3rd Infantry Division: GdD Grandjean
Infantry Brigade: GdB Marion
Infantry Brigade: GdB Lorencez
Infantry Brigade: GdB Brun

8pdr Foot Battery

Portuguese Legion: GdB Logo
Portuguese Infantry
Portuguese Cavalry

III ARMY CORPS Commander: MdE Davout

Light Cavalry Brigade: GdB Pajol
5th Hussars

11th Chasseurs-a-Cheval
12th Chasseurs-a-Cheval

1st Infantry Division: GdD Morand
Infantry Brigade: GdB Lacour
Infantry Brigade: GdB l'Hullier

8pdr Foot Battery

2nd Infantry Division: GdD Friant
Infantry Brigade: GdB Gilly
Infantry Brigade: GdB Barbanegre
Infantry Brigade: GdB Grandeau

8pdr Foot Battery

3rd Infantry Division: GdD Gudin
Infantry Brigade: GdB Leclerc
Infantry Brigade: GdB Boyer
Infantry Brigade: GdB Dupellin

Artillery 8pdr Foot Battery

4th Infantry Division: GdD Puthod
Infantry Brigade: GdB Girard
Infantry Brigade: GdB Desailly

Artillery: Hanicque
4pdr Foot Battery
4pdr Horse Battery

So thats the plan for the list, I probably will add Massena's IV corps at some point before then.

Right well thats the list, I better get cracking..............

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