Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6mm Napoleonic - The Beginnings

Well when I first looked at Napoleonics I started bigger. I painted a British 15mm Napoleonic Army. While this looked great it just didnt feel like an army. About a month ago one of my friends decided to start a business. He introduced me to 6mm Napoleonics and Baccus miniatures. Since then I have been converted.

So with that here is the start of what looks like to be a huge project for me. We purchased the big box set of Peter from Baccus, and I placed another order just after.

I will be updating the blog on a regular basis with pictures of the miniatures (French) as i get them done. The goal is to produce a fairly large game for a Napoleonics Convention which we hold on the North Island of NZ each year. I am happy to annouce that Taupo will be hosting it.

So a little about what the project is and what were trying to achieve.

The period is 1809 campaign, French & Austria. I took on the French and Craig took on the Austrians.

The rules that we are using are Polmos rules by Chris Grice. We decided to go for the larger scale and use Marechal d'Empire as this suits the larger battles. Bases are 60mm x 60mm (more about this as I post photos)

Well thats it for now, will be posting photos over the next couple of nights

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