Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updates and plans

Iv'e been painting for around 4 weeks before I started the blog, so I do have some models all painted and based up, just spent this morning applying a second layer of sand on the next 5 bases.

Once I have these based up I will be sitting on 3 Legere and 10 Ligne. I do have to get some more Legere done next though.

Will look at photos later on today and get them posted tonight

After painting 4 guns and crew and basing them, realised I should have put them on a 30 x 60 base with limber (on a 30 x 30). So they will be rebased when I have painted the Limbers

So here what I am aiming for:

21 Bases of Ligne / Legere combined
2 Bases of Young Guard
2 Bases of Old Guard
3 Bases of Bavarians
3 Bases of Chassuers a Cheval
2 Bases of Curassiers
2 Bases of Dragoons
2 Bases of Bavarian Cavalry
1 Base of Hussars
1 Base of Grenadier a Cheval
8 Guns with Limbers
2 Bavarian Guns with Limbers

So thats the list around 39 60 x 60 bases, 10 30 x 60 bases and 8 30 x 30 bases (generals)

A big target by September this year, but will be painting hard to get it done

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