Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well now that I have most of the 6mm painted (for now) its time for some terrain, so what better place to start than with tree's.

After watching a u-tube video and reading Sven's tutorial on how to make tree's I thought that I would give it a crack.

1st results are not bad, and reasonably happy with the result. So in the coming week (as time permits) I will be placing photos of my progress on the blog.

The goal before NAPCON is to knock out a hundred trees before then and have them based up.

Just stared to prep for the construction phase. So first thing is to cut a lot of florist wire into random lengths, and follow up by folding them in half.

Well watch out for some photos in the coming days of the prep, and construction.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back

Well its been a funny ol couple of weeks. I have been painting, but not my own troops. Got stuck into some Austrians to help a mate out. 9 Battalions of Infantry (188 figs) and a unit of Hussars later just about ready to get back into it.

18 Austrian Hussars to go, and back onto the task.

So where does that put me, well I now have a fighting force to be able to put onto the table top. I have the following:

19 Infantry Stands
6 Cavalry Stands
8 Artillery Stands
5 Generals
1 CinC

I have decided to break the Infantry down into 3 groups with 2 Cavalry attached to each, and split the Artilery between each group.

The plan is to put this force onto a 4ft x 4ft board at the moment. Speaking of which I went out and got some 9mm MDF boards cut into the following:

2x 3ft x 2 ft boards
2x 1ft x 2ft boards

I am in the process of making a portable gaming board, just have to think about how to do this. So keep an eye on this one.

To add to the above I will get another 2 boards and when all four are put together will give me a 6ft x 4ft table which can be taken anywhere (well just about)

Well thats it for now, busy planning for NAPCON in September so painting may take a hit, I will get some more photos posted of the force at some point soon

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hussars, Chasseurs & Artillery

Well starting to get there now. Below are a few photos of the Cavalry recently finished as well as the re-based guns.

The Generals are on the painting table at the moment. At least when I get some Generals done I can start gaming with the force.

So what have I painted so far:

850+ Infantry
104 Cavalry
8 Artillery pieces and Limbers
24 Generals

This project started back in late May.

After the Generals are done I have:

2 Stands of Cuirassiers
2 Stands of Hussars
2 Stands of Chasseurs
4 Stands of Imperial Guard
2 Stands of Guard Cavarly
4 Stands of Guard Artillery

So without any more waiting here are the Dragoons:


Next Chasseurs:




And Finally some Artillery & Limbers: