Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back

Well its been a funny ol couple of weeks. I have been painting, but not my own troops. Got stuck into some Austrians to help a mate out. 9 Battalions of Infantry (188 figs) and a unit of Hussars later just about ready to get back into it.

18 Austrian Hussars to go, and back onto the task.

So where does that put me, well I now have a fighting force to be able to put onto the table top. I have the following:

19 Infantry Stands
6 Cavalry Stands
8 Artillery Stands
5 Generals
1 CinC

I have decided to break the Infantry down into 3 groups with 2 Cavalry attached to each, and split the Artilery between each group.

The plan is to put this force onto a 4ft x 4ft board at the moment. Speaking of which I went out and got some 9mm MDF boards cut into the following:

2x 3ft x 2 ft boards
2x 1ft x 2ft boards

I am in the process of making a portable gaming board, just have to think about how to do this. So keep an eye on this one.

To add to the above I will get another 2 boards and when all four are put together will give me a 6ft x 4ft table which can be taken anywhere (well just about)

Well thats it for now, busy planning for NAPCON in September so painting may take a hit, I will get some more photos posted of the force at some point soon

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