Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well now that I have most of the 6mm painted (for now) its time for some terrain, so what better place to start than with tree's.

After watching a u-tube video and reading Sven's tutorial on how to make tree's I thought that I would give it a crack.

1st results are not bad, and reasonably happy with the result. So in the coming week (as time permits) I will be placing photos of my progress on the blog.

The goal before NAPCON is to knock out a hundred trees before then and have them based up.

Just stared to prep for the construction phase. So first thing is to cut a lot of florist wire into random lengths, and follow up by folding them in half.

Well watch out for some photos in the coming days of the prep, and construction.


  1. Sorry been tied down with work and family of late, will try to get around to this at some point soon.