Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hussars, Chasseurs & Artillery

Well starting to get there now. Below are a few photos of the Cavalry recently finished as well as the re-based guns.

The Generals are on the painting table at the moment. At least when I get some Generals done I can start gaming with the force.

So what have I painted so far:

850+ Infantry
104 Cavalry
8 Artillery pieces and Limbers
24 Generals

This project started back in late May.

After the Generals are done I have:

2 Stands of Cuirassiers
2 Stands of Hussars
2 Stands of Chasseurs
4 Stands of Imperial Guard
2 Stands of Guard Cavarly
4 Stands of Guard Artillery

So without any more waiting here are the Dragoons:


Next Chasseurs:




And Finally some Artillery & Limbers:


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