Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well time flies (Has it been that long)

Hey Guys,

Well been very busy with home life and a painting contract, which seems to have taken me the better part of 4 weeks, hence the poor updates. This I appologise for.

Just adding the final touches to the 28mm Perry Naps, will be sure to take a couple of snaps and put them up on the blog.

Well where to frome here. This blog started as a napoleonic blog, and it will slowly progress into other periods.

What do I have in my collection you ask:

28mm Modern 1980's Cold War Era Soviets & Germans.
20mm WWII
6mm ACW

and recently just added some 1/3000 WWI to my collection.

So plenty of troops to paint, and keep you guys happy.

Once this last fig is out of the way, will look at what to start next, but I think that It will be between the ACW and Naval.

Well better go and finish this last model for the commision

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