Thursday, January 14, 2010

Changes are coming........................

Well I don't know where last year went, and I must confess I have not put the proper effort into keeping the blog going.

This was for many reasons, one was commision and the other well we won't go into that.

So its a new year and changes are at hand. So what to expect.

* A new name - I have pondered on this, and I will be renaming the blog the name doesn't feel right.

* A new template - Well I have already changed this, and a lot of other features will be added over time.

*New projects - Just to name a couple - WWII Finns (20mm), Lasalle re-base (6mm), WWII Russian re-base (20mm), Aeronef, ACW (6mm)

* More updates - I Will be making a New Years resolutuon to update at least twice a week, if not more.

* Terrain projects - These will include fencing for both 6mm & 20mm, 6mm Tree's (This time with a tutorial), Hills, Rivers, Roads both in 6mm and 20mm. And hedges as well. Its about time I start to build a collection of terrain.

Well thats it for now, so here is to a new year full of changes.

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