Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter War Finns

Well I got side tracked from the Napoleonics, and decided to start the prep work on the Finns. As one of the members at the club is keen to have a game of Rules of Engagement.

So I now have two squads and the HQ undercoated, with 2 more squads ready for an undercoat (If if would just stop raining)

So with two days off, should be able to get the remaining Finns undercoated ready for painting.

Will also do the last few bases with sand for Lasalle.

So the plans for the Finns, one thing that struck me was when I bought them it didn't click that the whole uniform is practically white. A stupid moment there. White is one of those colours I am sure a lot of gamers have problems with.

So I figure that since a lot of gamers struggle I would track my progress here on the blog, and I hope that this helps you.

Also I will be rebasing the Russians, and changing some of the uniform colours as well to match more of a late winter, early spring.

One I have made some progress on the Finns, I will post some photos on the blog.

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