Sunday, May 23, 2010

Been a while

Well I have been off the blog for a while, mainly due to other commitments ect. What have I been up to latley.

Well Painted the first of the PT boats, which consists of 6 German S-38's, 1 German S-30, 2 Raumboote and a Rescue boat. They came up better than I thought they would. Will try and snap some photos soon.

I am currently working on the British fleet, starting today I hope to have them painted by the end of the week.

Then I will move onto the Japs, USA & Merchants.

I recently parted with my 6mm Napoleonic French and in place I purchased:

1 x War of Spanish Succession Starter Box
1 x British/Saxon Foot Booster
1 x Standard Foot Booster
1 x Bavarian Army Pack
1 x Dutch Army Pack
1 x Pack of Battalion Guns
1 x Pack of Horse
1 x Pack of Short Mitre

The War of Spanish Succession is an interesting period that I have been reading about for the last few weeks, and certainly a colorful period.

The rules I will be using is Might & Reason by Sam Mustafa, with the addition of Sun King by Greg Savvinos

This should give me for each side about:

13 Infantry Brigades
6-8 Horse Regiments
4 Dragoon Regiments
2 Bases of Artillery
8 Stands of Generals

Each Brigade/Regiment is 2 stands strong. Infantry will be based on a 60*30 base with 24 figs per base at the moment, I may increase to 32/36 figs possibly, Horse will be 9-12 figs per base, Artillery on a 60*60. CinC on a 40*40 and sub-commanders on a 30*30.

The main rule set is based on the Seven Years War & War of Austrian Succession, but the supplement from Greg allows you to play the battles of the Spanish Succession.

This make's it easy to build an army fast, as you can either build to the points list or write a scenario.

So this will be interesting to get into once I have finished the PT boats. But between finishing the boats, I will be once again going off to Nicon (North Island Con) here in NZ over Queen's B'day weekend (5th June) to play some 1st Volley 15mm Napoleonic rules.

Should be a good weekend.

Well thats what I have been up to of late, will try to get back on track with the blog

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