Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Off the Grid....

Well, I seem to have fallen off the update grid for quite some time. As with all wargamers I have had a bit of break, and with home life taking over for a while I have now come back online.

I have managed to complete those PT boats, they actually were part of a commision and of course I forgot to take photos. Now that was my idiot moment.

I do still have some work to do on the kits, but with a quick chat with Mark I have decided to take a month off his stuff and concentrate on a bit of my stuff. He was more than happy with the work.

You see with commision work, I am not a full time painter and only paint in my spare time (and Mark is one of my mates). I like to make sure that I paint them to the standard that I would be happy with owing myself. On a professional note, I do serious commisions and my turn around is pretty quick. If I am set a deadline, or I give a deadline it is one that I won't miss.

Right back to painting



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