Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time for a break...well sort of

Taking a week off work, and won't have access to the net. So no updates to the blog until I get back.

It doesn't mean I won't be working on something though. As were only going back to Kim's parents for a week I decided to take my hobby with me.

So what will I be looking at:

* Helping out Craig with his 6mm Austrians for Lasalle
* Winter War Finns - Got the StuG done, but will be concentrating on the troops first
* 28mm Moderns - Just got some touchups to do, and final details to add to them
* Aeronef - My Xmas pressie arrived from Brigade so will be taking this with me as well (Will post more on this upon the return)

So thats me signing off for a week, see you when I get back


Monday, January 25, 2010

It's a field of white

Well managed to get all of the Finns undercoated on Monday, the army consists of the following:

Platoon HQ (4 figs)
4 Rifle Squads (9 figs per squad)
2 HMG Teams (With extra crew) (6 figs per gun)
1 Mortar Team (with extra crew) (7 figs)
2 Sniper Teams (2 figs per team)

So thats a total of 63 figs ready to go, will look at assembling the Stug IIIG to support them (FAA Model)

Time to start a test figure, will be sure to get some photos on the blog once the fig is done.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter War Finns

Well I got side tracked from the Napoleonics, and decided to start the prep work on the Finns. As one of the members at the club is keen to have a game of Rules of Engagement.

So I now have two squads and the HQ undercoated, with 2 more squads ready for an undercoat (If if would just stop raining)

So with two days off, should be able to get the remaining Finns undercoated ready for painting.

Will also do the last few bases with sand for Lasalle.

So the plans for the Finns, one thing that struck me was when I bought them it didn't click that the whole uniform is practically white. A stupid moment there. White is one of those colours I am sure a lot of gamers have problems with.

So I figure that since a lot of gamers struggle I would track my progress here on the blog, and I hope that this helps you.

Also I will be rebasing the Russians, and changing some of the uniform colours as well to match more of a late winter, early spring.

One I have made some progress on the Finns, I will post some photos on the blog.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So the re-base for Lasalle is going well, managed to get the first 6 battalions based up, artillery battery and skirmishers. I have been looking at the Generals to base next and I will follow up with some cavalry.

Left to do:

8 bases of Cavalry

Still to paint though is another

8 bases of Cavalry

Once this is done I will be putting the paint to the bases, this way they are consistant. The 8 bases of Cavalry to paint will come later.

On the sideline I have been working on removing the basing material from my 20mm Russians for Rules of Engagement.

I plan to re-work the bases once I have another project underway, speaking of which.

Work has begun on the Winter War Finns I picked up from Eureka Minis last year. They got sidelined until I was happy with painting white.......still working on it...

Got the first two squads and HQ on bases ready for some undercoat. Got a few more to put to bases, as I will be painting all of these at the same time. Once painted then I will base the Russians up with the Finns.

This will also make way for some terrain to suit.

Well that's what I have been up to for the last few days, back to the Generals and Cavalry.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Changes are coming........................

Well I don't know where last year went, and I must confess I have not put the proper effort into keeping the blog going.

This was for many reasons, one was commision and the other well we won't go into that.

So its a new year and changes are at hand. So what to expect.

* A new name - I have pondered on this, and I will be renaming the blog the name doesn't feel right.

* A new template - Well I have already changed this, and a lot of other features will be added over time.

*New projects - Just to name a couple - WWII Finns (20mm), Lasalle re-base (6mm), WWII Russian re-base (20mm), Aeronef, ACW (6mm)

* More updates - I Will be making a New Years resolutuon to update at least twice a week, if not more.

* Terrain projects - These will include fencing for both 6mm & 20mm, 6mm Tree's (This time with a tutorial), Hills, Rivers, Roads both in 6mm and 20mm. And hedges as well. Its about time I start to build a collection of terrain.

Well thats it for now, so here is to a new year full of changes.