Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where Am I

Well the work trip went well but painting took a hit. last week got nothing painted.

Plans for September are coming along well. I started on another 6 bases of Infantry. This will be the last push on the Infantry for now.

This will put me on 19 bases of Ligne / Legere.

So here is what I am aiming for at the moment, this is at the ratio of 1 stand = Brigade, Cavalry is bases on groupings so a base for the Hussars seperate to the Chassuers a Cheval:


1st Guard Infantry Division: GdD Curial
Infantry Brigade: Rouget (Young Guard)
Infantry Brigade: Rouget (Young Guard)

2nd Guard Infantry Division: GdD Dorsenne
Infantry Brigade: Dorsenne (Old Guard) - 2 Stands

Guard Cavalry Division: GdD Walther
Guard Light Cavalry Brigade
Polish Guard Chevauxlegeres
Guard Chasseurs-a-Cheval

Guard Heavy Cavalry Brigade
Empress Dragoons
Guard Grenadiers-a-Cheval
Gendarmes d'Elite

Guard Artillery: GdD Lauriston
Guard Horse Artillery: Col. d'Aboville
6pdr Horse Battery (Old Guard)
6pdr Horse Battery (Young Guard)

Guard Foot Artillery
8pdr Foot Battery (Young Guard)

II ARMY CORPS Commander: GdD Oudinot

Light Cavalry Brigade: GdB Colbert
9th Hussars

7th Chasseurs-a-Cheval
20th Chasseurs-a-Cheval

1st Infantry Division: GdD Tharreau
Infantry Brigade: GdB Conroux
Infantry Brigade: GdB Albert
Infantry Brigade: GdB Jarry

8pdr Foot Battery

2nd Infantry Division: GdD Claparede
Infantry Brigade: GdB Coehorn
Infantry Brigade: GdB Razout
Infantry Brigade: GdB Ficatier

8pdr Foot Battery

3rd Infantry Division: GdD Grandjean
Infantry Brigade: GdB Marion
Infantry Brigade: GdB Lorencez
Infantry Brigade: GdB Brun

8pdr Foot Battery

Portuguese Legion: GdB Logo
Portuguese Infantry
Portuguese Cavalry

III ARMY CORPS Commander: MdE Davout

Light Cavalry Brigade: GdB Pajol
5th Hussars

11th Chasseurs-a-Cheval
12th Chasseurs-a-Cheval

1st Infantry Division: GdD Morand
Infantry Brigade: GdB Lacour
Infantry Brigade: GdB l'Hullier

8pdr Foot Battery

2nd Infantry Division: GdD Friant
Infantry Brigade: GdB Gilly
Infantry Brigade: GdB Barbanegre
Infantry Brigade: GdB Grandeau

8pdr Foot Battery

3rd Infantry Division: GdD Gudin
Infantry Brigade: GdB Leclerc
Infantry Brigade: GdB Boyer
Infantry Brigade: GdB Dupellin

Artillery 8pdr Foot Battery

4th Infantry Division: GdD Puthod
Infantry Brigade: GdB Girard
Infantry Brigade: GdB Desailly

Artillery: Hanicque
4pdr Foot Battery
4pdr Horse Battery

So thats the plan for the list, I probably will add Massena's IV corps at some point before then.

Right well thats the list, I better get cracking..............

Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 more down

Well finished another 5 bases of troops over the weekend, so this now puts me on:

3 Bases of Legere
10 Bases of Ligne
4 Bases of Guns

Made a decision not to rebase the 4 guns I have, and paint up and base the Limbers seperate and mount on a 30 x 60.

On the table next is another 2 units of Legere, but away on a work trip so won't be back until Thursday. Should be looking at more photos at the end of the week.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Last night I applied the wash to the 5 bases last night and the basecoat colour onto the bases before heading to work. Should have these finished tonight.

Next task will look at placing the stands into Divisions. Still need some more Legere painted, so that will be next.

Then will look at following up with some Cavalry, generals and Artillery to round out the two Corps.

First Photos of the troops

Firstly my appologies for the quality of these photos as at the moment I am not setup properly to take decent photos as I only have a single light source and I know I should have two, the joys of a limited budget.

Anyway the before photo:


Now thats only a portion of what I have undercoated, now some of the bases that are finished:


Missing in the photo is 1 base of artillery (To be rebased later)
Some close ups:


Well thats all the photos for now, on the workbench at the moment I have 3 bases of Legere and two of Ligne. All painted and just working on the bases at the moment.

This will put me on 13 painted bases, plus 4 artillery. Plans are to move onto some cavalry, rebase and paint the limbers, and some generals.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updates and plans

Iv'e been painting for around 4 weeks before I started the blog, so I do have some models all painted and based up, just spent this morning applying a second layer of sand on the next 5 bases.

Once I have these based up I will be sitting on 3 Legere and 10 Ligne. I do have to get some more Legere done next though.

Will look at photos later on today and get them posted tonight

After painting 4 guns and crew and basing them, realised I should have put them on a 30 x 60 base with limber (on a 30 x 30). So they will be rebased when I have painted the Limbers

So here what I am aiming for:

21 Bases of Ligne / Legere combined
2 Bases of Young Guard
2 Bases of Old Guard
3 Bases of Bavarians
3 Bases of Chassuers a Cheval
2 Bases of Curassiers
2 Bases of Dragoons
2 Bases of Bavarian Cavalry
1 Base of Hussars
1 Base of Grenadier a Cheval
8 Guns with Limbers
2 Bavarian Guns with Limbers

So thats the list around 39 60 x 60 bases, 10 30 x 60 bases and 8 30 x 30 bases (generals)

A big target by September this year, but will be painting hard to get it done

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6mm Napoleonic - The Beginnings

Well when I first looked at Napoleonics I started bigger. I painted a British 15mm Napoleonic Army. While this looked great it just didnt feel like an army. About a month ago one of my friends decided to start a business. He introduced me to 6mm Napoleonics and Baccus miniatures. Since then I have been converted.

So with that here is the start of what looks like to be a huge project for me. We purchased the big box set of Peter from Baccus, and I placed another order just after.

I will be updating the blog on a regular basis with pictures of the miniatures (French) as i get them done. The goal is to produce a fairly large game for a Napoleonics Convention which we hold on the North Island of NZ each year. I am happy to annouce that Taupo will be hosting it.

So a little about what the project is and what were trying to achieve.

The period is 1809 campaign, French & Austria. I took on the French and Craig took on the Austrians.

The rules that we are using are Polmos rules by Chris Grice. We decided to go for the larger scale and use Marechal d'Empire as this suits the larger battles. Bases are 60mm x 60mm (more about this as I post photos)

Well thats it for now, will be posting photos over the next couple of nights